New Server Settings | Reroll Server | RNG Seed: 1619141782 | Hide Ice | Difficulty:

SERVER RESPONSE: Calls in Criminal Runner (pg 221), who connects to the server after 2 rounds and counter hacks, Lockout runners after 4 traces and call a Yakuza Assassin (pg224) who arrives in 10 rounds but will scout or follow the PCs before engaging.

SYSTEM SYSOP: Dyan "Beast" Lipson

Initial Status: (Overworked, Disconnected) Dyan will connect to the system every other round to perform actions due to defending multiple servers at once

SoakWound ThStrain ThM/R Def

Skills: Computers (Hacking) 2, Computers (Sysops) 3, Knowledge (The Net) 4, Mechanics 2, Perception 2.
Talents: Net Warrior (when using a BMI, may make an opposed Computers [Hacking] versus Computers [Sysops] check targeting one character accessing the system; the target suffers 1 strain per s, and if they are using a BMI, they also suffer 1 wound per s).
Abilities: Reinforce (as a maneuver, may increase the strength of one active piece of ice by 1 until the end of the corporate sysop’s next turn).
Equipment: PAD, corporate ID, snacks.

Dyan is an energetic thrillseeker who are at their best when putting out fires, whether literal or metaphorical. They bring a sense of dynamic energy to their interactions with others and the world around them.